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Art and Text Images
Whenever possible, we prefer to receive images in electronic form. We can process most formats, including Photoshop, JPEG, GIF, BMP & TIFF files. Images should be between 10 and 100k in size. Good quality printed material can also be accepted. We cannot accept transparencies or negatives for any graphic materials.

The best way to send logos and other line art is in Photoshop, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG & TIFF format. If the file contains any specific fonts, please include them. Otherwise, a medium to high resolution image file is acceptable. Business cards are the hardest to work with due to poor image quality.

We strongly prefer any copy greater than 50 words be sent as a text document via email, or in either Microsoft Word or plain text format.

Creative Banner and Tile Ads
If you send us finished banner ads, they must by 468 X 60 pixel, 72 dpi, gif images no greater than 12k. Tile ads must be 120 X 90 pixel, 72 dpi, gif images no greater than 7k. Any animation should loop no more than three times. There will be an extra charge for banner creation.

Sending Materials Electronic Transfer Materials may be emailed to, as long as the the files are no larger than one megabyte.

You can send files on CD-ROM or standard floppy disks to:

300 Long Shoals Road 3F
Arden, NC 28704

*We accept files in PC format only

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