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Banner Ads (468x60 pixels)
$30 per month, $50 for front page per month
Ad development $50 per new creation.

Tile Ads (120x90 pixels)
$20 per month, $40 for front page per month
Ad development $40 per new creation.

Coupons (Various)
$15 per month for listing on Coupon page and link from your FREE listing in shopping area. No coupon development charge.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Ask a Sales Representative about this unique, customizable opportunity.

Front Page Ads
Banner ads on the front page are $50 per month.

Links To Web Site (Shopping Yellow Pages)
To add a link to your Web Site from our Shopping pages, the cost is $10 per month. Your business can be listed for FREE! Add your logo for $10 more a month for a total of $20 per month for logo and link.

Web Site Development
Number Of Pages Initial Dev Cost p/mo-yr
One Page Site $200 $25 - $275
Three Page Site $500 $70 - $800
Additional Pages $100 p/page $15 - $150

*Prices subject to change, ask a sales representative for details on current charges and a full estimate


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